Jul 17, 2023 | Member Monday

SLB has been in Canada since 1949 and is a recognized technology leader in the country’s energy industry. Today, SLB—formerly Schlumberger—provides performance-focused oil and gas exploration & production (E&P) technologies that can not only withstand the country’s extreme cold-weather conditions but also optimize performance and minimize footprint.

A global technology company with operations in more than 100 countries, SLB is committed to driving energy innovation for a balanced planet—this means providing scalable technology solutions that enable access to energy and decarbonize energy systems. In Canada, SLB does this in many ways, including via digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) that help optimize production while reducing human intervention.

Now in its seventh decade in Canada, SLB will continue to lead by providing technology solutions for the country’s energy industry today—while working to scale the technologies that will support the decarbonized energy ecosystems of the future.

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