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Applications for the 2024 summer program are closed. Applicants will hear from techNL by May 30 regarding acceptance.


High School Tech Immersion Program

About the Program

The techNL High School Tech Immersion Program places grade 10-12 students from across Newfoundland and Labrador in technical and business roles with local technology companies during the summer. Through this program, students are exposed to new skills, networks, and career possibilities with the aim of inspiring youth to complete related post-secondary education and seek employment in the province’s technology sector.  

Running in July and August, the program has three main elements: on-the-job experience, training, and networking.  

On-the-Job experience: Students are matched in teams with local tech and tech-enabled companies (sponsors) to complete projects. While their work will be determined by and specific to their sponsor, generally we expect them to undertake meaningful work appropriate to skill-level, job-shadowing, and generally learning about their sponsor company, the industry, and what a career in tech is really like.  

Training: Students are enrolled in a two-week training course through which they will learn about in-demand skills in technical and business fields, the NL tech sector, and will become oriented with workplace etiquette. Students can expect to learn about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, complete projects, and earn valuable training for future schooling and career exploration.   

Networking: techNL will host events for students to learn about the local tech ecosystem and support organizations, meet like-minded individuals, and build connections with local employers.   

 Whether you are a student who is still considering your post-secondary options or are feeling unsure about what a tech career can look like for you- this program promises to provide you with a unique experience where you will gain insight and build confidence about your future. 

Employers in this program can expect an impactful summer experience with passionate, inspiring, and eager students who can help you complete real projects, promote your company, meet potential future-hires, and build leadership skills within your organization.  


Program Objectives

  1. Build understanding of tech sector career opportunities among youth. 
  2. Influence student course and program decisions toward tech career pathways. 
  3. Develop technical and digital skills in youth and help build valuable networks. 
  4. Companies gain insight into and relationships with future tech workforce. 
  5. Improve the number of Equity Deserving Groups in the future tech sector 

            If you are a tech or tech enabled employer and curious about participating in the High School Tech Immersion Program, watch this video to learn more! 

            If you are a high school student and curious about the High School Tech Immersion Program, watch this video to learn more! 

            2021 participants Alex, Sophia, and Luke learned so much at PolyUnity

            Student Testimonial:

            I was placed at my company for the summer, and I couldn’t believe how quickly it went; I wish I could have stayed longer! They are an important company to work with and the team was so welcoming and seemed to enjoy having me there. I collaborated with different teams and usually would spend some part of the day shadowing a colleague, attending meetings, and working with people to fix bugs, do quality assurance testing, and code a new version of the product. When I needed help they were there to answer my questions, and I am walking away with new skills in Javascript and GitHub and I know more about how a software team works. I also enjoyed the learning opportunity offered through Keyin College where I learned more about Python coding. Why did I participate? I’ve always had an interest in technology and I wanted to see what it was like to work in the sector. Others should participate because you can learn so much from experienced professionals and discover new interests!

            Employer Testimonial:

            Our company employed two remote students in 2022. They joined our web development team and spent time researching topics related to our product. They also helped research tactics to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within our company and product. Each student brought their own strengths to the table; one was very good at communicating their findings, and the other was extremely efficient. Both showed eagerness, passion, enthusiasm and dedication. These strengths came in handy because both students worked remotely and that requires dedication to communication and enthusiasm for their work. Supporting opportunities for rural students is important to us as they are often less aware of programs and pathways available to them. Why did we participate? We are passionate about inspiring young minds and recognize how we can be inspired reciprocally. Students come with new insights and new ideas, their voice takes you outside the box, and you will be surprised at their motivation to learn.

            • 2021 participant Luke gives a skill presentation at PolyUnity

            “It’s so invigorating, inspiring, and still wonderfully grounding to work with young minds!”

            – 2022 Employer

            My experience last summer wasn’t just fun; it seriously geared me up for university life. The hands-on learning and the insights I gained have been a game changer for me. 

            2023 Student participant

            More Information for Sponsors

            Student teams consist of five (5) students who will be matched to your company based on interest, experience, and ability. Student teams will work directly with employers for four (4) weeks of the summer and complete a project of the employer’s choosing in the area of web/software development, engineering, business, and/or customer success. 

            We are currently looking for Company Sponsors! If your company is interested or would like to know more please contact

            What can the High School Tech Immersion Program do for your company? 

            Complete Projects: Student teams can help you complete projects that have been left on the back burner, help lighten the load for your teams, and improve your internal efficiencies.

            Help you See the Future: Our high school interns have gone on to attend post-secondary programs such as Engineering, Business, Software Development, Computer Science, and more where they will seek work terms and full-time positions. What better way to get to know a future hire than working with them as a high school student? 

            Gain Company Ambassadors: Our past interns have stated that after the program they feel they have a true understanding of the company they worked for. They share their experience with their peers, families, and networks which can market your service or promote your company as an employer. 

            Why should I take part?
            Because you’re committed to fostering a love of tech in the young people of our province! And also because:  

            • Ideas and innovation can come from anywhere, including high school students. 
            • Young people are a breath of fresh air, bringing big energy and excitement to your team. 
            • Engaging with talented, interested young people is a great “longtail” recruiting strategy.  
            • Every program participant becomes an ambassador for your company and the tech sector amongst their friends and schoolmates.  
            • Initiatives like this help build leadership among your teams and within your organization.  
            • Building the talent pipeline is everyone’s responsibility. 

            Who are the students and how are they selected to take part?  

            Participants are Grade 10, 11 and 12 students from all over Newfoundland and Labrador. They have independently sought out and applied to this program, thereby showing their level of interest. Selected students will demonstrate how the program will help them in their career decision-making journey.  

            techNL is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in the tech sector by empowering young women and other equity-deserving groups to take part in this program. We will be working with an EDI consultant to ensure program success.  

            How is the program structured? 

            The internship program will run in July and August. The program is a work-integrated learning experience whereby students will complete a two-week training course learning technical, business, and career skills. Then they will join their sponsor company for a full-time four-week work placement. Additional training sessions and networking events may be offered to students throughout the program as well.

            The program is structured as a sponsorship model whereby employers pay a sponsorship fee ($800) per student upfront to techNL to cover 25% of student wages.

            What can students do? Students can take part in a variety of projects and tasks. In the past students have: 

            • Worked on social media projects, search engine marketing, website updates, and new market research. 
            • Been a part of product development, QA testing, and maintenance. 
            • Completed basic data input, analytics, and visualization. 
            • Helped with app development and design. 
            • Worked on robotics, coding, and image simulations. 
            • Researched new software and tools. 
            • Completed HR-related resources and improved office efficiency.  
            • Completed training courses like Google certifications and Salesforce. 

            Frequently Asked Questions 

            1. Is the program virtual or in-person? This is at the employer’s discretion. It is important to provide opportunities to students who live outside the metro region, so we hope to have a balance of the two. 
            2. What does the Sponsorship Fee cover exactly? Your Sponsorship covers the entirety of the program for your student, orientation, training, and work included. You will receive value in the form of meaningful work done by your student in return for your financial contribution, but Sponsorship is also about providing a young person with a holistic, immersive introduction to the sector with the intent of encouraging them to choose a career in tech. 
            3. What does techNL provide to support sponsor companies?

            techNL aims to make this experience as smooth as possible for sponsor companies. techNL will lead program administration for student applications, selection, and matching, and orientation. We have program staff to act as team leads and liaisons between companies and students. We also have inclusion supports available for companies to learn best practices when engaging with youth from a variety of backgrounds. Additionally, we can support companies who have material limitations such as software and hardware.

            1. Can we select students to participate in the program?

            techNL has authority over who is selected to participate in the program. We will work with sponsors to determine ideal student qualifications and interest areas to provide sponsor companies with well-matched candidates.

            1. If we can’t commit to taking 5 students, can we still participate?

            We are striving to work with sponsors who have the capacity to take on a team of five students as we believe in the benefits for student experience and productivity. If your company wishes to support the initiative in another capacity, we will be looking for companies to engage as guest speakers, mentors, to offer tours, or in other ways. Please feel free to reach out any time to us about these opportunities!


              More Information for Students

              We know you may have a lot of questions! Please read the following to gain a better understanding of the program.  

              What would I do? Student work is determined by the sponsor and can include a variety of projects and tasks. Generally, we break the work into 4 broad categories: Software Development, Engineering, Sales and Marketing, and Customer Success.  

              In the past students have: 

              • Worked on social media projects, search engine marketing, website updates, and new market research. 
              • Been a part of product development, QA testing, and maintenance. 
              • Completed basic data input, analytics, and visualization. 
              • Helped with app development and design. 
              • Worked on robotics, coding, and image simulations. 
              • Researched new software and tools. 
              • Completed HR-related resources and improved office efficiency.  
              • Completed training courses like Google certifications and Salesforce. 

              Do I need to live in the St. John’s-metro region? 

              No. We encourage students from all over Newfoundland and Labrador to participate. Training will be conducted virtually, and some work placements will be available virtually.  

              Do I need to know how to code?  

              No. In fact, you do not need to have any tech experience to take part in this program, just a keen interest in learning about a career in the tech industry. 

              If I am selected, what is expected of me?

              Foremost, you are expected to attend and engage in the program each day for the full six weeks. Students will not be granted vacation days within this period. You will be expected to complete work to the best of your ability assigned both in training and on-the-job. You will act in a respectful, inclusive, and accountable manner. You will be expected to complete pre- and post-surveys about your experience in the program and communicate with techNL on a regular basis. Most importantly, you’ll also be expected to have fun, learn, and enjoy your summer!  

              Will I be paid?  

              Yes. You will be paid at a rate of $16 per hour, for 200 hours over 6 weeks.  

              When does the program start and finish? 

              We are still working out the exact timelines for the program but you can expect it to take place during six weeks in July and August.

              Who is eligible?

              • Current Grade 10, 11, and 12 students in Newfoundland and Labrador (as of March 1, 2024).
              • You are eligible to work in Newfoundland and Labrador and you are a Canadian Citizen, Permanent resident or person with Refugee status.

              A Social Insurance Number (SIN) will be required from successful applicants. Students who do not have a SIN upon notification of acceptance will not be accepted.

              What is the selection process? 

              Each application is reviewed by a committee of techNL staff. Priority will be given to students who are undecided but keenly curious about a tech career. We aim to engage with students from all backgrounds with a focus on under-represented groups in STEM (individuals who identify as: female and gender-diverse, 2SLGBTQ+, Indigenous, visual minority, and rural citizens).

              Based on a pre-established rubric, individuals are screened in or out, given a score, and placed into categories based on interests. High scoring individuals within each category are then reviewed for alignment with the available program Sponsor spaces. Sponsors are provided with the applications of several students for review and may request a virtual “fit” call. The final placement decision is made by the Sponsor. 

              How do I apply?
              If you are currently a student in Grade 10, 11, or 12 (as of March 1, 2024) and a student in Newfoundland and Labrador just complete an online application linked on this page.

              Student Applications for the 2024 Program are open! To apply click here!


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