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Student Membership Hub

techNL is thrilled to announce a revamp to our student membership: The Student Memebrship Hub.

What is the purpose of techNL’s Student Membership Hub?
Post-secondary students (undergrad and grad) are seeking easily accessible and well-organized career resources that can connect them directly to employers and industry. This hub strives to provide students with the knowledge and connections necessary to understand the career options in the tech ecosystem in NL (both technical and non-technical), and what skills they need to be employable.

Summing up the techNL Student Membership Hub:
This student membership hub will be a connection- and expertise-building network for post-secondary students across various disciplines and institutions. A space for them to celebrate their differences and come together based around a shared interest; pursuing a career in the tech sector in NL.
Students signing up for this membership will be provided with a schedule of networking sessions, events, and workshops provided by techNL, techNL members, and industry partners. techNL’s own exclusive events will be critical, including a student group that meets regularly to talk about challenges they face and how techNL can help mitigate them. Supporting hackathons and hosting them will also allow techNL to form meaningful connections between students and industry. Being directly connected with the industry will help techNL identify employment and growth opportunities for those student members and they will receive information firsthand on upskilling and improving their employability.

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