Jan 23, 2023 | Member Monday

The founder of Geotexera, Mehrdad Darijani, came to Canada to start a PhD in geophysics at Memorial University in 2013. Geotexera, based in St. John’s, NL, was formed in 2020 to use software developed by research groups at Memorial University and Mount Allison University in its (geophysical) consulting services for mineral, metal, oil&gas, geotechnical and environmental explorations. Geotexera maintains close ties with academia and also has the exclusive right to license the software for commercial purposes. The software uses a new technique that provides more accurate results. Geotexera is the first company that uses this technique in all its services and has successfully provided services using the software in projects for copper, gold, silver, iron, and uranium explorations in different countries.

Learn more about Geotexera at their website.


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