Aug 22, 2022 | Member Monday

PragmaClin Research Inc. is a digital technology company that operates in the medtech industry. PragmaClin has developed an assessment tool to assist clinicians in better treatment for their Parkinson’s Disease patients. PRIMS lets the patient perform motor and non-motor assessments in real time so that a Neurologist, Nurse & Physiotherapist can retrieve data at a later time. PRIMS removes the potential of subjective assessment and provides a score for each motor and non-motor test so a patient can quickly see how they performed. The goal for PragmaClin is to empower Patients with Parkinson’s and keep them informed about their condition with the data retrieved from the PRIMS system. This also is a resource to assist clinicians to save timeassociated with current reporting practices.

Check out PragmaClin’s Website.


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