MycoFutures North Atlantic

May 30, 2022 | Member Monday

MycoFutures North Atlantic is developing a durable and luxurious material using mycelium, the root system of fungi. Mycelium grows to be naturally interwoven and strong. By employing vertical farming technology and adapting traditional mushroom cultivation techniques and developing novel processing and tanning methods, we are creating an innovative textile without the use of animal products or plastics. The material will meet or exceed the performance characteristics of leather and synthetic leather in all metrics including tensile strength, bending, fire retardancy, water repellency, and tearing. The material is not only an eco-friendly alternative to animal leathers, and petroleum-based alternatives, but a novel material that can change the negative impact of textiles in the fashion, furniture, automobile and aviation industries. As a new startup, we are so excited to be part of the vibrant tech ecosystem of Newfoundland. Find their website here.


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