Mar 7, 2022 | Member Monday

Mentic Wellness Technologies is a software development company with a mission to deliver cost effective, flexible, client focused, telehealth therapy solutions to any client anywhere in the world. It is our aim to improve access to therapy by breaking down geographic barriers while providing client focused tools and supports to clinicians, therapy organizations, education organizations, and families. The first therapy platform Mentic has created is for Autism Therapy. The platform is not just for clinicians, but for everyone involved in the child’s life that the parents/guardians wish to include in the care of their child. Access to the platform for security purposes are based on the role the individual has in the child’s care. The platform has multiple features built in for recording therapy sessions, timesheets, analytical data, and an audit function to name a few. Anyone wishing to learn more about Mentic Wellness Technologies please visit our website to contact us.


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