Nov 29, 2021 | Member Monday

MAX is a locally-owned and operated company and has been a proud member of the Killick Capital group of companies for over 10 years. MAX helps families lead active, healthy, and happy lives through a variety of active, enriching, high-quality programs for kids, and adults alike, including STEAM. MAX STEAM’s mission is to introduce every child to the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math in an exploratory, fun and hands-on environment. We encourage children to think critically and challenge the status quo. By helping children build confidence in their STEAM skills we’re inspiring the next generations of engineers, doctors, programmers, and scientists! The STEAM program at MAX includes coding, robotics, and STEAM 101 classes, workshops, and camps for curious kids who ask questions like “but why?” and “what if?”, who love to get messy, like to explore, and are always problem solving and figuring things out. STEAM gets them coding, building robots, and developing skills for their future, today. Check out their website –


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