Sep 20, 2021 | Member Monday

NetBenefit is a software company that offers a cloud-based management system that tracks the socio-economic impacts that industrial projects have on communities. These benefits can include employment, diversity metrics, community investment, local content and more. The company was originally founded here in St. John’s as SCI Resource Software by partners Derek Gould and Carl Sheppard in 2005. The company has a strong client base across Canada, including many of the major projects in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Since early in the year, the company has made significant investments in future growth as the market for their services grows. This includes bringing in Alex Wade to manage the development of the platform and Matt Adams to serve as CEO. Both Adams and Wade have found previous success in the software industry. Adams returned to Canada and moved to St. John’s from Nashville, Tennessee to take the position. With the expanded team, the company has launched the new NetBenefit platform, made additional key hires, completed the company rebrand, secured further investment and are poised to expand across North America. Learn more at their website: 


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