Sep 6, 2021 | Member Monday

At ClearRisk, we are obsessed with optimizing our customers’ risk to keep people and assets from harm and make our customers more successful. ClearRisk exists to enable success through risk optimization, delivering effective, efficient, and better options for risk management. A robust software tool, industry-leading customer success, and meaningful data insights—these are pillars of ClearRisk’s Risk Management Solutions.All of ClearRisk’s customers have a few things in common. They have a lot of physical assets like buildings and vehicles, and/or broad and diverse operations. Because of those assets and operations, they have a lot of claims and incidents. They also have high insurance deductibles. All of those assets, operations, claims, insurance and risk are managed in ClearRisk. Their workflows, automations, integrations, data analytics and dashboards save their customers hundreds of hours a year, and reduce the total cost of risk considerably.ClearRisk supports the risk management needs of over 150 organizations in North America. It specializes in software and data solutions for risk management, claims and incidents, and business continuity planning. ClearRisk is committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace that fosters belonging, that is supportive and respectful of employees and partners for a full and enriching experience. Women make up fifty percent of its workforce. The company was founded by CEO Craig Rowe in 2006 and is headquartered in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Learn more at their website, Risk Management Software | ClearRisk


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