Granville Biomedical

Jul 19, 2021 | Member Monday

Granville Biomedical is a female-led Canadian health tech company, specializing in the design of female anatomical models and procedural task trainers to enhance healthcare training, advance patient education, and increase opportunities for medical device demonstration. Hailing from St. John’s, NL the company’s novel anatomical training models have been used by healthcare trainees, practitioners, pelvic floor physiotherapists, medical device companies, and sexual educators to rehearse and demonstrate procedures and products within women’s health. Granville Biomedical’s anatomical models are designed to be realistic and reusable, providing continuous hands-on learning opportunities to supplement teaching and learning.

Granville Biomedical is also the creator of Granville Swab™. Granville Swab™ is a novel nasopharyngeal swab, comprised of a single, biocompatible, medical grade material, which focuses on increased patient comfort and workflow efficiencies. Granville Swab™ has proven mechanical and biological efficacy in the detection of COVID-19 based on laboratorystudies conducted by the National Microbiology Lab in 2020, and it is proudly manufactured and sterilized in Canada to secure domestic supply chains within healthcare. Granville Swab™ is patent-pending and received approval from Health Canada to enter the Canadian market in February 2021. Granville Biomedical holds a Medical Device Establishment License and an Interim Order from Health Canada.

To learn more about Granville Biomedical, visit their website at Granville Biomedical – Anatomical Simulation – Granville Biomedical Inc.


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