Rutter Inc.

Jun 21, 2021 | Member Monday

Rutter Inc., headquartered in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, and its subsidiary OceanWaveS GmbH in Lüneburg, Germany are developers of sigma S6 speciality radar signal processing technologies for the marine safety, security, wave prediction and environmental monitoring sectors. sigma S6 systems are deployed in over 40 countries and across the seven seas.

Sigma S6 signal processing, recording, and playback capabilities integrate with navigational or dedicated-purpose marine x-band radar to provide enhanced situational awareness that promotes safety, security, and efficiency in a variety of maritime situations. The sigma S6 Product Suite includes: Current Monitoring™, Ice Navigator™, Oil Spill Detection, Small Target Surveillance, WaMoS ® II, WaveSignal™, and WaveVision™.

These systems use high resolution radar imagery and advanced processing techniques to remove sea and weather clutter and other signal interference to improve target detection, tracking and enable in-depth analysis. The application of these systems span ice-management, planning and navigation; oil spill detection and response management; coastal surveillance; seismic array anti-fouling; early detection of illegal and dangerous small craft at sea; and wave and surface ocean current monitoring. All sigma S6 systems are available in combination to provide consolidated information reporting and decision support.

To learn more about Rutter, visit their website at Rutter | Rutter


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