Jun 14, 2021 | Member Monday

You may not have heard of Instrumar before, but there’s a good chance that you are wearing, walking on, or driving in a product that they’ve helped manufacture. Instrumar is a Newfoundland based, employee-owned technology company. Founded in 1980, the company has engineered world-leading hardware and software solutions to solve many industrial challenges over its rich history. Currently, Instrumar is focused on expanding their global customer base for their proprietary electromagnetic sensors and software, which help fiber manufacturers (who make specialized nylon and polyester yarns) measure the quality of their production in real-time, helping them to reduce costs, customer claims, and improve their sustainability. Instrumar’s customers are world leaders in the production of fiber for the fabrication of products such as carpet, automobile interiors, and high quality, brand name clothing. While their current commercial focus is in the fiber industry, their sensor technology is also being developed for the detection of new forms of icing events that can occur, which future aircraft designs will have to monitor and prevent.

To learn more about Instrumar, visit their website at Fewer Claims. Fewer Downgrades. More Profit. | Instrumar Limited


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