PolyUnity Tech Inc.

Jun 7, 2021 | Member Monday

PolyUnity Tech Inc. began as a start-up working to connect healthcare workers worldwide with validated, 3D-printed medical products & simulations.

As the founders of MUN Med 3D (MM3D) (Newfoundland and Labrador’s first biomedical 3D printing facility) and the Med 3D Network (M3DN) (the first global network of rural biomedical 3D printing sites), their experience has shown that cooperation between private companies, academic research centres and practicing healthcare specialists is needed for the whole system to thrive.

Today, they are partnered with Eastern Health’s Living Labs innovation program to develop and deliver advancements in Additive Manufacturing (i.e. 3D Printing) for the healthcare sector locally and around the world. They are innovators, committed to healthcare by improving patient outcomes and reducing costs.

To learn more about PolyUnity Tech, visit their website at PolyUnity – Canadian Manufacturing, Made in Canada | PolyUnity


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