May 17, 2021 | Member Monday

eSonar improves access to subsea environmental data with advanced sonar and underwater acoustics knowledge to help improve the fishing rate for targeted species, protect endangered marine mammals, save fuel, reduce time spent trawling, and monitor gear. Based on their knowledge, they take action to create products that are used extensively by fisheries scientists and fishing companies in the USA, Canada, and internationally. By providing real-time information on the trawl and seine deployment like the shape, depth and catch rate, plus more specific data such as water temperature, angular data, and sonar around the deployed position we enable vessel owners and operators to have up-to-date information about what is happening with their gear.

Currently they are working with Memorial University and the American Bureau of Shipping to develop an underwater acoustic measurement system to assess underwater radiated noise from vessels, detect and identify whale vocalizations, and communicate that information in near-real time to mariners. Timely information provided to ship owners will result in an increased time to change course, reduce speed and therefore, improve the survival rates for endangered species, like the right whale, and promote efficient commercial maritime activities.

To learn more about eSonar, visit their website at net monitoring sensors | fishing | sonar system (


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