Mar 29, 2021 | Member Monday

Compusult, headquartered in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador, is a global leader in geospatial interoperability. They invented a suite of standards-based applications offering solutions for geospatial data discovery, access, and delivery. These data management solutions are built around their core software system, Web Enterprise Suite, a turnkey system that integrates together diverse data holdings and systems.

Compusult’s complete solutions also include many advanced workplace adaptation products incorporating assistive technologies specifically designed for people who are visually impaired or mobility challenged. In addition, Compusult provides asset tracking, unmanned ground vehicles, personal protective equipment, computer consulting, programming and integration services to government, business, technical, and scientific sectors.

To learn more about Compusult, visit their website at Geospatial Solutions, Assistive Technology, Asset Tracking – Compusult


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