Digitalization in Oil and Gas

Digitalization of the oil and gas industry has the potential to reduce emissions, increase competitiveness and create employment. In collaboration with Energy NL (Noia), techNL began to investigate how to leverage this opportunity for its members. Various successful events were executed such as a Big Data Oil and Gas Forum, Hacking Oil and Gas Cafés, and the first ever Oil and Gas Hackathon in NL in 2019. These events, along with a report from the Digital Transformation Working Group, highlighted the need and creation of the Digital Oil and Gas Initiative (DOI).

With continued support from Noia, techNL will drive the DOI to work with key industry stakeholders to focus on the identification of value producing digitalization opportunities and conduct key strategic capacity building activities for local tech companies in the oil and gas sector. By expanding our local expertise and technology skill set through the digital transformation process, the DOI will spur innovation to deliver local digital solutions for the industry on the Field of the Future.

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The DOI will spur collaboration and innovation to deliver local digital solutions for the industry to enable the Field of the Future.

Advisory Committee

  1. Marlayne Hardy                   techNL                                    
  2. Beverley Bishop                   Energy NL (Co-Chair)
  3. Dan Brake                           PolyUnity Inc. (Co-Chair)
  4. James Parmiter                   Cahill                                       
  5. Mark Cumby                        Hatch                                      
  6. Andrew Sinclair                   trajectorE                                   
  7. Karen Winsor                       AtlanticXL                              
  8. Kendra MacDonald               Ocean Supercluster
  9. Dave Finn                            ERINL
  10. Ryan Noseworthy               ExxonMobil

Government (ex-officio):

  • Mike Howley                           ACOA
  • Craig Rowe                             C-NLOPB
  • Steve Butler                           DIET
  • Kris Constello                         OilCo

For the Digital Oil and Gas Initiative Press Release, click here.


Past Webinars

February 9th, 2022: Ai in Oil & Gas – An Overview (with Geoffrey Caan) (No video available)

February 23rd, 2022: Ai in Oil & Gas – Tech Perspective (with Steve Follett of enaimco) 

April 13th, 2022: Ai in Oil & Gas – Industry Perspective (with Scott Humber of Aker Solutions)

May 11th, 2022: Remote Operations in Oil & Gas – Technology Perspective (with Patrick Paranhos of Kraken Robotics)

June 8th, 2022: Remote Operations in Oil & Gas – Technology Perspective (with Dr. Armin Strobel of StrobelTEK)

June 15th, 2022: Remote Operations in Oil & Gas – Industry Perspective (with Robert Harris of ExxonMobil Canada) (No video available)