Ai in Oil and Gas – An Overview

Sponsored by techNL and Noia, the Digital Oil and Gas Initiative (DOI) is launching a Digital Awareness Campaign that will aim to build awareness, educate, and increase knowledge of role of Artificial Intelligence (Ai) in the offshore oil and gas industry.

The first of three webinars is happening on Wednesday February 9th at 1:00 NST: Ai in Oil and Gas – An Overview

The Oil and Gas industry is typically cast as a slow adopter of innovation, particularly innovations that originate from outside the industry. One technology that bucks that narrative is artificial intelligence and machine learning. Oil and gas is rapidly exploiting this class of technologies at pace with other industries. This presentation will provide an overview of the world of AI and ML, key definitions, the use cases in oil and gas, and the adoption challenges.

Presented by Geoffrey Cann, an author, educator, and professional speaker. His passion is the Oil and Gas industry, essential to our modern industrial society, and its imperative to exploit digital innovations as we slowly transition to new fuels.

Registration is available here.

This webinar campaign will be available to both energy and tech professionals interested in learning more about Ai in Oil and Gas.

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Feb 09 2022


1:00 pm

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