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Resource Tech Market

The Resource Tech Market is a Business-to-Business engagement opportunity for local tech companies as they pitch their service / solution to the resource sector.  

This day long event will be divided into two themes:
(1) Remote Operations
With our partnership with the Co. Innovation Centre, the first theme will focus on technology that enables Remote Operations.  In particular, highlighting collaborative efforts between two or more technologies / companies or cross-industry applications.
(2) Artificial Intelligence 
Highlighting the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases within the Resource Industry.  How is industry and technology companies developing, researching, and using AI in their solutions.

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8:30 – Doors Open
9:00 – Opening Remarks
9:15 – Session 1 – Energy Remote Operations
      • Speaker: Rodney Spurvey 
      • Topic: Fugro Remote Operations in Newfoundland and Abroad
  • Fugro is the world’s leading geo-data specialist. We believe that our future is remote and autonomous and have built our latest Remote Operating Centre in our St. John’s office to support this vision. From it we perform offshore construction, positioning, and geo-data collection and processing both locally and internationally.

   Kraken Robotics & Geotexera

      • Speaker: Ryan Laidley / Mehrdad Darijan
      • Topic: Use case of local collaboration for an international project.

This partnership with Geotexera, Kraken Robotics are now well equipped to compare the real magnetic data against the synthetic data produced by Geotexera and modify their modelled scenarios to generate a best-fit model that most accurately characterizes the present-day conductors and their behaviour within the sub-seabed. Geotexera’s efforts and software have provided invaluable insight to further assist with ongoing containment efforts of a significant oil spill.

    • Digital Oceans Canada
      • Speaker: TBC
      • Topic: A platform for ocean data and digital development
      • Digital Oceans Canada is a consortium of companies that was formed to delivery a data and development platform that can be used to store and manage data, and to access toolkits to build digital twins. The Atlantic Canadian initiative combines expertise and technologies to provide an ocean-specific platform to support digital technology development.
10:15 – Network Break
10:45 – Session 2 – Mining Remote Operations
      • Speaker: Anup Mistry and Jon Allwood 
      • Topic: Integrated Remote Operation Centres: Enabling Data for Value Centric Decisions

        Delivering integrated, time-sensitive, actionable insight across a value chain. The integration of technology and data has become essential, as it unlocks new opportunities and enhances mining operations’ sustainability, efficiency, and productivity. At Hatch, our holistic approach, technical expertise, and deep understanding of operations ensure that your organization’s digital ambitions seamlessly blend with existing infrastructure, resulting in modern integrations that drive bottom-line value generation.



      • Speaker: Aaron Oates
      • Topic: Digital Twin Technology for Remote Operations.
      • Applying Nditive3D’s digital twin and advanced sensor technologies in remote operations, highlighting our collaborative projects in Newfoundland and Labrador’s mining and manufacturing industries to enhance operational efficiency and safety
    • GRi Simulations
      • Speaker: Desmond Greene
      • Topic: GRi Simulations’ Expansion to Mining
      • This presentation will provide an overview and update on GRi’s recent initiative to expand their simulation and digital twin products to support the land-based mining industry, which is currently looking to transition mature technologies from other industries to expedite digitalization efforts, including development of remotely operated mining equipment and autonomous mining operations.
11:45 – Lunch
1:00 – Session 3 – Artificial Intelligence

    • SLB
      • Speaker: Luis Flores Escamilla
      • Topic: Data Driven Decisions
    • The goal is to have Data Driven Decisions by building AI data driven solutions in every aspect of our domains, whether is Subsurface, Production, Operation,  Downstream and more. The key is how we can bring this closer to the domain users without the need of extensive data science or code knowledge to convert their ideas into reality and giving them the ability to design their own workflows with the capability to scale up much faster.
    • Enaimco
      • Speaker: Brad Power 
      • Topic: How AI can improve IMR workflows
    • We will be presenting on how subsea operators can use AI to improve their Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair workflows. With recent advances in software, we will explore some methods that allow operators to easily gather data and automate repetitive tasks, freeing up more time for critical engineering work.
    • CORSphere
      • Speaker: Marc-Andre Brien
      • Topic: Combining AI and Human Expertise

        AI and humans can complement each other by automating mundane tasks, creating opportunities for more meaningful work. We’ll examine strategies for integrating AI into workflows to make actionable information more accessible. Discover how chains of AI agents can assist human experts with sensor data analysis, anomaly detection, and proactive maintenance strategies.


Speaker: Matt Adams

Topic:  Integrating AI into Stakeholder Engagement for Resource Projects

NetBenefit provides Stakeholder Management software to mines and tracks hundreds of thousands of engagement records each year. Recently, the team has been working to integrate artificial intelligence into their solutions. This discussion will walk through the results which indicate that the integration of AI will improve data quality, reduce admin time and save customers tens of thousands of dollars.

2:00 – Session 4 – Tours and Demos: Co. Innovation Centre, AdditiveXL, CNA Technology Access Centre
3:00 – Social
4:00 – End


Hatch is an employee-owned multidisciplinary professional services firm, where our local and international client base is served by over 10, 000 Hatch professionals in more than 70 offices worldwide. As a technology development, consulting, engineering and project delivery company with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love for technology, Hatch has a global reputation for innovative problem-solving, multi-disciplinary engineering, and project and construction management. While being on the leading edge of digital technology development in the local energy industry, we have integrated more traditional engineering disciplines with modern technologies to add value and advance complex projects such as Digital Oceans Canada Project, NL Net Zero Pathways, and broader digitalization and integrated operations initatives to improve outcomes for our province’s extractive resource industries.

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The Reality Capture and Digitization Technology Access Centre (RCD TAC), housed under the College of the North Atlantic’s Office of Applied Research and Innovation, serves as a vital hub for industry and community access to cutting-edge RCD technology. Located in St. John’s, NL, we specialize in services such as 3D modeling, advanced geomatics technology, applied research, data collection & visualization, digital twinning, AR/VR, drones with remote scanning capability, prototyping support, and more. Our in-house technology includes Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), metrology-grade laser scanning, photogrammetry, drone mapping, hyperspectral imaging, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). As a proud member of the Tech-Access Canada network, we can support your innovation needs and provide access to 64 specialized member TACs nationwide. Contact us at for a competitive edge without the hefty R&D costs or visit to learn more.

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