Mining Tech Market 


Agenda and Participating Companies

The agenda and participating companies for the upcoming Mining Tech Market can be found below.

This event takes place on June 20th at the St. John’s Farmers Market.


8:00am Doors Open  

Opening Remarks

  • Florian Villaume – techNL
  • Hon. Minister Parsons – Dept IET
  • Doug Morrison – MICA
  • Gary Thompson – CNA
  • Ed Moriarty – Mining NL

Theme 1 – Increase Mine Production Capacity, at Lower Cost


  • Fallon O’Keefe – Virtual Marine
  • Paul Yanchus – Hatch
  • Doug Morrison – CEMI
10:30am Break

Theme 2 – Reduce Risk in Health, Safety, and Security


  • Chris Beresford – Kraken
  • Andrew Sinclair – TrajectorE
  • Doug Morrison – CEMI
12:00pm Lunch Break: Food Truck Lunch Provided   

Theme 3 – Implement Smart Mining Systems


  • Andrew Goldsworthy – Genesis
  • Gary Dimmer – Vale
  • TBC
2:30pm Break  

Theme 4 – Reduce Environment Risk and Long Term Liabilities


  • Audrey Parnell – econext
  • Dion Hicks – MUN- RIO
  • Jared Saunders – Vale

4:00pm Conclusion of Mining Tech Market  
4:00pm Beginning of techNL Networking Social – Farmers Market Cafe  
4:30pm Tech Market Awards   
6:00pm Close  


Participating Companies

Increase Mine Production Capacity, at Lower Cost



Presenters: Theresa Quick, VP Marketing & Andrew Caruana, VP Product Engineering. 

Novamera’s surgical mining technologies can increase production quickly and sustainably by unlocking uneconomic narrow vein deposits. Combining advanced AI, algorithms and machine learning, the proprietary hardware and software integrates with conventional drilling equipment to radically reduce waste and maximize recovery. 

Orogen Tech

Presenter: Cole Inkpen.

At Orogen Technologies, we are on a mission to better the mining and exploration industries by providing a Data Management System that provides geologists with a secure platform to work confidently towards their goal. Our vision is to provide geologists with the opportunity to focus on their work while having the confidence that it will never be lost. 

Atlantic Controls

Presenter: Dan Ogden, DX Solutions Manager

In todays competitive business market, finding key personnel is harder than ever. Working with knowledgable and skilled partner to provide remote condition monitoring, can increase plant productivity and asset performance while lowering operating costs.


GRi Simulations

Presenter: Des Greene, Project Manager, Simulation Design and Development.

Learn how GRi Simulations is currently transitioning their marine operations simulation software and offshore data visualization software solutions for use in the mining industry.

Reduce Risk in Health, Safety, and Security


OPAS Mobile

Presenter: Vince Payne, Co-Founder & CEO 

An interactive demonstration on using AI to automatically identify and mitigate risks, real-time, in an operational mining environment. 


Presenter: Ajay Pande & Craig Hannam.

Construction equipment keys are literally all the same. In most cases one common key works in all units made for a manufacturer, providing almost no security. As a result, over $5B of construction equipment is stolen each year. Veristart addresses this problem by putting construction keys in the cloud. By using cloud and mobil technology, we empower owners to manage in real time who can operate their equipment. This benefits the equipment owner through reduced risk, cost, and downtime, while improving security and worker safety. 


Presenter: Armin Strobel, Co-Founder & CEO

Presentation will focus on the security aspect of mining. 24/7 remote operations, autonomus security checks, and analyzing if a person/object is a friend or foe.

Focus FS

Presenters: Glenys Strang, Customer Success Manager, & Charlotte Short, Business Development & Enablement Manager.

Every second counts in an emergency situation. Emergency Response from Focus FS is the leading-edge software solution connecting teams, equipment, and maps during mine rescue operations. With online and offline modes, Focus FS captures your critical incident data, so you can begin your post incident investigations with ease and confidence. 

Implement Smart Mining Systems


Horizon Maritime

Presenter: Chris Hardy, Product Commercialization Lead 

Discover how augmented reality and remote support are revolutionizing remote mining developments, enabling real-time collaboration, cost savings, and enhanced operational efficiency. Our presentation will demonstrate the cost savings potential of this innovative solution and unlock new levels of productivity, safety, and profitablity in the mining industry. 

Hive Geospatial

Presenter: Belle Steinhauser, Business Development Lead

As businesses increasingly adopt sustainable business practices and integrate new technologies into industrial operations, decision making becomes more complex. HIVE Geospatial aims to support holistic business decisions through software and services that help users visualize complex relationships and spatial data and models when engaging in land-use planning and management. Our presentation will demonstrate how geospatial mapping technology and information can be integrated with non-spatial information to help users clearly understand the decision context and cost effectively plan and optimize operations and risks across the different stages of the mining lifecycle.

Atlantic XL

Presenters: Marty Gaulin, Director, Additive Manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing and its value proposition to the mining industry including: 

– Operational cost reduction

– Supply Chain simplification

– Obsolescence solutions

– Part property improvements 

– Design and functionally benefits 

Reduce Environment Risk and Long-Term Liabilities



Presenters: Matt Adams, CEO & Chris Williams, Solution Consultant 

Expectations in mining and exploration are changing. Rightsholders, investors, and regulators are holding resource companies to a higher standard, while expecting more efficient resource development. NetBenefit provides a software platform that efficiently manages information to keep projects moving forward. This includes management of engagement, compliance, project benefits and ESG reporting. 


Presenter: Frank Thomas, Head of Modelling 

Xplorobot provides a novel methane detection solution that precisely localizes and quantifies fugitives emissions enabling compliance with regulatory requirements and monetization through clean gas certification. It eliminates the need for certified technicians and can be usde by operators as part of routine duties. The inspections are documented with digital 3D models that provide an auditable trail for compliance.  

Our SaaS solution helps you simplify methane inspections, avoid fines, and earn methane performance credits for sustainable gas production. 


Presenter: Stephen Hill, Senior Project Manager. 

Runoff in the watershed of mining operations into catchment tributaries carries environmental DNA (eDNA) from the species residing in the area. By sampling this water, we can provide biodiversity assessments for both terrestrial and aquatic species to inform environmental assessment and management activities. Results from a poilet study with Taskeo Mines Ltd. in BC, with a focus on terrestrial mammals, has successfully demonstrated this application. 


SEM Ltd.

Presenter: Eric Aylward, Multimedia Lead/ RPAS (Drone) Operator.

What could an environmental digital twin look like? SEM Ltd presents an innovative approach to steakholder engagement and environmental compliance.