McInnes Cooper

McInnes Cooper is committed to applying innovative thinking to firm processes and opportunities to enhance value for its clients. It is recognized as one of the few legal firms in the region providing certified project management support as part of the provision of legal services for large projects. McInnes Cooper’s dedication to internal legal project management and technology innovation transcends to all areas of the organization.

In 2018, McInnes Cooper received the “Innovative Project of the Year” (Internal/Firm-Facing) Award from the International Legal Technology Association, in recognition for developing and implementing new software in response to a client need that allowed for quality file review with real time reporting. The project was a collaboration between lawyers, technical staff a client; resulting in a strong example of how the firm’s solution-oriented approach to serving client needs can lead to innovative systems and processes to enhance service delivery and improve efficiencies.

McInnes Cooper continuously seeks innovative ways to add value for its clients and support their long-term success.

About McInnes Cooper

McInnes Cooper is among the 25 largest business law firms in Canada. The firm serves industry-leading clients in key markets across North America and abroad with a relentless client focus and commitment to strategic collaboration.

With an integrated team of nearly 200 lawyers and over 200 professional resources across six locations in Atlantic Canada, McInnes Cooper offers clients a full range of legal services, consistent with that of national firms. The firm collaborates among offices and jurisdictions to create a “one firm” approach across the region. In addition to lawyers, the firm employs paralegals and other resources as appropriate to deliver its services. This model enables clients to streamline and consolidate their legal services to manage efficiencies, leverage cost-savings, and enhance their client service experience.

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