Virtual Marine

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are a seafaring people. The province’s prosperity has been shaped by its relationship to the sea, and its people’s character shaped by an ability to navigate the risks of harnessing its marine resources.

In 2019, Virtual Marine marked its 15th anniversary providing simulation and training that reduce the cost of training and the risks of marine operations. It’s a responsibility they take seriously, consistently upgrading their systems’ response to real world controls and conditions to ensure that operators are prepared to meet any contingency.

“We are a passionate team that is driven to develop safer, realistic, simulation training for life boats and many other marine situations and environments. Our goal is to save more lives but provide training options that do not require the risky launch of vessels when simulation is an option. We arm our customers and trainees with the best simulation options on the market, we lobby governing bodies for change, and most of all we care about bringing people home to their families.” – Virtual Marine Technology


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