Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Solace Power Inc. is seeking to hire a Vice President, Sales and Markeng.

Application Deadline: October 10th, 2023

Developing wireless power technology isn’t your everyday office job!

As a close team of almost forty people, everyone at Solace Power Inc. contributes to pushing the limits and redefining the way we think about wireless power. We are currently looking for a new team member who can help us bring to market a new class of technology that truly doesn’t exist anywhere else!

Working at Solace is not your average job. From transferring power through windows and walls, to delivering on the complex wireless power requirements in aerospace and defense – whether you work in procurement, engineering, or sales – no two days are ever the same!

The VP Sales and Markeng will be responsible for the company’s overall sales and markeng strategy and execuon. The VP Sales and Markeng will provide planning and leadership to the Sales/Business Development and Markeng teams by ensuring that the appropriate structures, systems, competencies, and values are developed to meet and exceed the goals of the Sales and Marketing plans. The VP Sales and Markeng will assume overall responsibility for developing and execuon of:

 The annual Sales and Markeng plans for the organizaon;
 The execuon of the enre sales/BD plan;
 Strategic market planning;
 Market research programs; and
 Building and maintaining the Solace brand.

The VP Sales and Marketing’s Typical Day at Solace Power:
 Lead sales and business development ini aves that are consistent with the company’s overall strategy.
 Idenfy, develop, and manage strategic partnerships leading to improved revenue generaon and profitability.
 Build and manage a sales/markeng/business development team.
 Be responsible for establishing a feedback process for all members of the sales and markeng team.
 Set markeng and sales team targets that are required to achieve company goals.
 Manage complex contract negoaon and work with legal counsel as required.
 Develop and maintain a company markeng plan. Lead the implementaon of this plan in cooperaon with other team leaders.
 Oversee the management of the overall company’s visual and online identy.
 Oversee and manage company market research.
 Work with the engineering team to ensure that all aspects of the product(s), including packaging and documentaon, adhere to branding guidelines and promises, and manage outbound communicaons ensuring it’s consistent with Solace’s technology.
 Collaborate with other team members, execuve or otherwise, to develop proposals for customers and fundraising.
 Organize and direct markeng strategy meengs on a regular basis whereby the strategy and promoon programs are reviewed.
 Be the voice of the customer inside the company, to ensure that the customer is never forgoen in the development of products.
 Oversee the quarterly company (internal) newsleer, plus the eventual creaon of a separate customer-facing newsleer.
 Organize and direct markeng and strategy meengs on a regular basis whereby the strategy and promoon programs are reviewed.
 Build, execute, and measure markeng campaigns.
 Work directly with prospects and customers as needed.
 Oversee Solace’s markeng and sales technology systems.
 Be the driving force in the development of the work ethic, culture and values of the team and company in general. Through personal example, establish the style and approach which characterize the Solace way and the team dealings with the marketplace and each other.
 Perform other related dues as assigned.

Must-Have Requirements (like coffee in the morning):
 University degree in a relevant field i.e., Markeng, Engineering.
 Minimum of ten (10) years’ relevant work experience.
 Solid leadership and project management skills.
 Strong communicaon skills and the ability to communicate directly with technical and sales groups at all levels, being conversant in technical and business issues.
 Knowledge of sales and markeng processes and acvies, including experience with CRM tools
 Expert problem-solving capabili es to resolve complex problems.
 Must be self-movated, be a team player, have a strong desire to learn, and be adaptable to a fast paced, everchanging environment.
 Ability to manage own me and to direct and manage mul ple tasks.
 Ability to travel internaonally.
 Moderate-to-great skills in ping pong and an appreciaon of good beer (or other beverage of choice!).

Nice to have this too… (like dessert with every meal!):
 An MBA and/or a degree, diploma or other cerficaon in engineering or another technology-related discipline would be an asset but is not required.
 Experience using HubSpot preferred, ideally with experience in HubSpot development/programming for improving sales and markeng processes and analycs.
 Internaonal exposure and the ability to communicate in mul ple languages is not required but would be an asset.

Solace Power Inc. offers employees a comprehensive benefits package, including par cipaon in an employee stock opon plan.

How to apply
To apply for this posion, please send your resume to

To apply for this job please visit