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Your team can make or break your business. Ensuring you have the right people on the team and the right team dynamics are critical. When your team is thriving, your business will thrive. Whether building a team from scratch or working with an existing team, this webinar is your guide for leading a high-performance team. Since the pandemic accelerated the implementation of virtual work, how teams work and interact has changed. New research examining these changes provides helpful information for team leaders. The goal of this webinar is to break the research down, discuss the most important factors for team performance, and provide easy to implement, practical strategies with big impacts.


The intended audience for this is quite broad. Anyone who is interested in learning about how to build and lead a high performance team. This could apply to small businesses with teams of only a few people as well as to medium and large businesses with large organizational teams or smaller project teams. The information is targeted toward organizational and/or team leaders so attendees are likely folks in formal leadership/management roles and/or HR.


Presenter: Kate Calnan, VP Strategy, Thinkwell

Kate Calnan has 15 years of experience helping people and teams thrive at work. Kate is currently the VP of Strategy at Thinkwell Research + Strategy. In this role, Kate leads the Organizational and Leadership Strategy Team whose focus is on people, teams, and culture. Kate and team help organizational leaders make strategic decisions, attract and retain staff, and hit performance targets by emphasizing the value of prioritizing the employee experience. With a background in Organizational Psychology, Kate specializes in working with leaders to improve team dynamics and cohesion, overcome conflict, and achieve strategic alignment.


Apr 10 2024


10:30 am - 11:30 am

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