techNL Announces Marlayne Hardy as Chief Impact Officer

Mar 5, 2024 | News, Uncategorized

Florian Villaumé, CEO,  techNL is pleased to announce the promotion of Marlayne Hardy as Chief Impact Officer.

In her four years at techNL, Marlayne has been instrumental in establishing new and ground-breaking programs that have propelled techNL and the province’s tech sector to new heights.  She was pivotal in implementing the rebrand for techNL in 2020 and she has spearheaded innovative programs such as the award-winning Creators at the World’s Edge podcast series, the Voices of Innovation Videos, and the Tech Industry Awards among others. While she was Acting CEO for six months in 2022, she led the team to secure $27 Million in funding for Find Your Future in Tech, a training a training and upskilling program which is the first of its kind for the tech sector in Newfoundland. . Marlayne has also been providing strategic advice to the CEO and supporting the growth and progress of the entire team through a monumental year for techNL over the last 18 months. 

Marlayne is a key part of the techNL leadership and is very deserving of this promotion to Chief Impact Officer.   


“I am so excited for the opportunity to serve our vibrant tech sector as Chief Impact Officer at techNL.” says Marlayne Hardy.  “I look forward to continuing to support our techNL team in this capacity to elevate, promote, and lead our tech sector into a future brimming with innovation, collaboration, and growth for the province.”