Business Training Sessions for High School Students

Jul 25, 2022 | News

As part of techNL’s High School Tech Immersion Program, students have been given the opportunity to attend a handful of Business Training Sessions over their internship, allowing them to explore the “non-technical” side of the industry. Industry experts from member companies have been invited to share knowledge and expertise on topics such as customer success, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more. Read along to see the experts joining these students throughout their 6-week work-integrated-learning program.

Customer Success with Hasan Hai of Zorbit’s

Monday, July 25th


We all know that the customers are at the heart of every business. Hasan Hai joins to share an explanation of customer success and its importance to the larger business. Hasan also shares what the complex role can look like day-to-day, what kind of skills come into play, and the types of personality characteristics and skills that are well suited to customer success in the tech industry. 

Game Development with Conrad, Fatema, and Annie of Zorbit’s

Monday, August 1st


While game development can certainly lean heavily on technical skills, it also employs many elements of art, design, and critical thinking. Many of our participants expressed interest in this career path so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for students to hear more! The Zorbit’s Team will share their paths to Game Development, detail some of the diverse roles in the field, and dive into the concept of “iterative design”.

Tech Entrepreneurship – Panel

Monday, August 8th

Students will meet some of NL’s tech entrepreneurs making waves in the industry right now and hear about their pathways to entrepreneurship. Panelists will answer questions such as “how do you come up with a viable business idea?”, “where do you get the money to get started?”, and “what happens when you come up against a major obstacle?”. Some tough and very real questions.

Panelists include

  1. Dr. Nikitha Kendyala – Co-Founder, NucliQ Biologics Inc
  2. Bronwyn Bridges – Co-Founder, PragmaClin Inc
  3. Taylor French – Managing Director, CWS
  4. Jess Rice – Program Manager, YMCA Enterprise Olympics

Moderated by Chandra Kavanagh – Director, Bounce Health Innovation

    Marketing in Tech with Meagan Campbell of CoLab

    Monday, August 15th

    The world of marketing is multifaceted and in the tech industry, it’s even more complex. Have you ever thought about how tech companies communicate the intricacy of their product in a way that’s accessible to the public? Or thought about what it takes to build a recognizable brand? Meagan Campbell shares her expertise with students covering everything from what a tech marketer does, to content marketing, and demand generation.

    Sales and Business Development With Verafin

    Monday, August 22nd

    What does it take to become a successful tech sales specialist? What exactly is SaaS (Software as a Service)? And how does one company sell a product to another company? Enterprise sales team members Sabrina Cahill and Shaun Morrisey of Verafin will answer these questions and more, cutting to the core on how companies make money, maintain customer loyalty, and access new markets.