techNL’s 2021 Highlight Video

Jan 10, 2022 | News

2021 was quite the year for our techNL members and the technology and innovation sector in Newfoundland and Labrador. Our techNL team would like to share with you just some of the incredible highlights from the past year!

Momentum in the sector – 2021 saw so much momentum in the sector with many exciting funding and acquisition announcements such as CoLab, Mysa, MilkMoovement, BreatheSuite, Kraken and Pangeo, just to name a few! In addition, VentureNL 2.0, which was included in our techNL Innovation Strategy was also approved by the provincial government!

techNL members – With so much growth in the sector, our techNL members have grown to 220! That’s a 139% increase since 2019!

Podcasts and videos – techNL featured fascinating stories from several local tech leaders when we launched our Creators at the World’s Edge podcast series and our Sparking Innovation videos. It’s not too late to check them out – you can find them all at

Business tech solutions – Through our Business Tech Solutions program, techNL distributed $4.5 Million in funding to help 376 companies adapt and adopt new technologies to help them generate new revenue streams. 90% of the participating companies found or expect an increase in revenue due to their participation in the BTS program.

Innovation center – We’re making consistent, steady progress on the Innovation Centre. There has been so much collaborative work that has gone into developing governance and business models, scoping out locations and more. Keep your fingers crossed we will hear an update very soon.

Talent team – techNL was thrilled to add an exceptional Talent Team to build the immediate, medium, and long-term talent pipeline. The team works in the community creating partnerships, assisting job seekers, and working with youth and immigration, all through a lens of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Internship Program – One of our flagship programs, the techNL-ACOA Internship Program is designed to provide work opportunities for post-secondary graduates. This year 35 year-long internship positions were created matching recent graduates with work placements in the tech sector.

High school internship program – Between techNL and Verafin, 115 high school students experienced summer internships in the tech sector. As part of these programs, the students also participated in the Keyin College Python coding bootcamp! Three exceptional students were awarded scholarships for demonstrating entrepreneurial spirit, community-mindedness, and a passion for technology.

Talent: matchmaking and innovation – If you’re looking for help transitioning to work in the tech sector, reach out to the talent team for guidance on upskilling, matchmaking or for help navigating the immigration system!

DOI – The Digital Oil and Gas Initiative, that techNL is leading together with Noia, is getting off the ground with the goal of engaging digital tech companies to help the oil and gas industry reduce emissions, improve design and operational efficiencies, improve safety, and develop more sustainable businesses.  More to come on this in 2022!

techNL Board of Directors – We had unprecedented interest in joining our techNL board this year with a an overwhelming number of incredible applications submitted. We are so appreciative of our experienced and knowledgeable board members who help support our work at techNL.

Bounce Health Innovation – In less than 12 months Bounce has attracted 45 med-tech partner companies that have already contributed millions of dollars in investment, and created dozens of jobs in our province.

Innovation week and techNL industry awards – Thanks in part to our platinum sponsor Deloitte, Innovation Week focussed on business scaling and serial entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusion and online networking for post-secondary students. The highlight of the week was the inaugural techNL industry awards. Verafin, ClearRisk, Sequence Bio, Bluedrop and Milk Moovement were all honoured with well deserved accolades!

2021 was certainly a year of momentum and growth. Congrats to our incredible member companies on all their success and thanks to our industry partners, government funders and other stakeholders that help the technology and innovation ecosystem grow and thrive. Happy Holidays and all the best for 2022.