Scaling Sales Success for Business Leaders

Nov 12, 2019 | News

NATI is pleased to offer a training program to help members apply best practices when scaling up sales operations. The program, which runs from January to March 2020, is presented as a five-module applied learning course. It will help management and leadership follow best practices when evaluating sales strategies and teams.

NATI members can enroll in the program at a subsidized rate of $1,250. This rate includes follow-up coaching to help attendees apply course lessons within their organizations. We can offer an additional discount for enrollment of additional members of your team.

The level of sales knowledge and professionalism is at a low level in Atlantic Canada which has been identified as a systemic issue by Gerry Pond, a prolific business leader in Atlantic Canada. Reimagine Performance Inc is sales management and sales training company who elevate the skill level and sales processes of companies to foster and accelerate sustainable growth.

The 5 modules are:
1. Setting the Stage: Level Setting (January 22nd, 2020)
Setting the stage for growth. Business leaders are great salespeople. During their initial stages of growth, they tapped into their extensive network, as they have grown, they have outgrown their network and now their people need to take the business to the next level. What sales management processes are put in place to help them succeed.

2. Effective Selling Today: People (February 5th, 2020)
Selling has changed. There was a time when “always be closing” and taking
prospective clients out to dinner was part of the sales process. Now buying has
become more sophisticated and has converted from one decision-maker to a team
of decision-makers, known as consensus buying. The sales process has changed
to sell to a new type of buying, modern selling.

3. Aligning Strategy and Sales: Strategy (February 19th, 2020)
Have you set a goal for your team like “our sales goal for this year is $1 Million in
revenue.” This is a business result. Aligning your business strategy and your sales
strategy is critical for scaling growth.
A. Sales cycle length
B. Defining sales cycle stages
C. Building the winning formula of successful leads
D. Implementing meaningful metrics
E. Aligning business results with sales actions

4. Build and Lead a Team: Execution (March 3rd, 2020)
Sometimes business leaders wonder if their team is performing at peak potential.
Understanding, encouraging, and measuring day to day actions are important to
sales team and revenue growth.
A. How to set up your team for success and growth
B. How to run a sales meeting for revenue

5. Keeping it Growing: Management and Leadership (March 17th, 2020)
Perhaps you have done sales training before and noticed it didn’t stick. There was
a brief increase in activity and then it dwindled. A sales system is not a one-timer,
it is a system that requires built-in reinforcement.
A. Measuring activity for success
B. Healthy pipelines
C. Cash Flow prediction

This step by step program allows companies to integrate the new practices over time and see successes in their skill level and in their businesses.
Upon completion of the program, participants are certified as “Scaling Sales Leaders” by the Canadian Institute of Certified Sales Leaders.

Delivery of the modules will be conducted by Chris Spurvey and Carol Bartlett. Both are seasoned sales professionals and well known in the business community.

Chris Spurvey
Chris is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, podcast host and author of the best-selling business book It’s Time to Sell: Cultivating the Sales Mind-Set.
His work has been featured in many major media outlets, including Forbes, LinkedIn and Inc. He has spoken to entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide, on how to leverage their unique ability to sell.
Chris spearheaded the growth of a consulting company to the point that it was acquired by one of the largest consulting companies in the world. Chris is a former Vice President, Sales at KPMG and has sold over $300 million in consulting services.
Chris works with entrepreneurs and professionals in their efforts to close more business and create win-win relationships with their clients.

Carol Bartlett
Carol Bartlett is a sales professional, geophysicist, and aspiring superhero action figure with the emphasis on ‘action’. She attributes her success to her mentors, one of whom is a Harvard sales guru who coached her in the mysterious ways of sales management in Fortune 500 companies, which influenced her to co-found Reimagine Performance Inc. Their sales training and coaching focuses the whole organization on growth, not just the sales team. The core philosophy is all revenue for all business grows through relationships and trust.
Founder of 150 Years Mentorship Program, Carol believes leaders are grown and not born, and gives career advice to Masters and PhD students in Engineering.
She serves on the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Advisory Council at Memorial University, and is chair of Memorial University’s Women in Engineering committee. Currently, she is also facilitating discussions on exporting from Atlantic Canada and co-host of Bottom Line Top Line Podcast.
Carol has in-depth knowledge sales leading teams. She was the Vice-president of Sales and Marketing for one of the largest privately held companies in Atlantic Canada, managing over $200M in annual sales. She was the sales leader in a Fortune 200 company in the oil and gas industry.
Carol works with business leaders to scale sustainable revenue growth through effective sales management and proven sales processes.

Reimagine Performance Inc is a partner of the Canadian Institute of Certified Sales Leaders. The Canadian Institute of Certified Sales Leaders is founded by Gerry Pond, Carol Bartlett, Chris Spurvey, Jol Hunter, Lisa Haydon, and Chris Weir. The overarching goal is to increase the level of professionalism in sales, in both sales skills and business acumen, in Canada. The aim is to do this through awareness, education, and connectivity to all sales professionals.