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CWS Member Webinar – DevSecOps

Join us on August 18th for our next webinar hosted by CWS – DevSecOps.

Technology is a fast-paced environment; companies will often find themselves working frantically to prepare for that important MVP release. “Move fast and break things” has become an industry-standard phrase, and fully encapsulates this idea of getting a product out to consumers as quickly as possible, no matter the cost. However effective this framework may be, it often leads to security and compliance being treated as an afterthought, which can lead to serious concerns during the product life cycle. These looming security risks can very often lead to delays in delivery, and be a major headache for all stakeholders.

Luckily, with the introduction of DevSecOps methodologies, there are many tools available to development teams to modernize their applications in relation to the security and compliance landscape. Moreover, by taking a developer-first approach to security and shifting security earlier in the software development life cycle, companies can test not only their applications, but the cloud infrastructure these applications depend on for security vulnerabilities in a manner that is already familiar to developers.

During this webinar, CWS will provide an introduction to these DevSecOps methodologies, as well as an introduction to the Seismic Shift Left in security and compliance testing. Moreover, we will demonstrate these tools in action, and how teams can implement them into their own product life cycle, allowing them to rest peacefully knowing that their applications are secure from Day 0 and adhere to all applicable compliance frameworks.

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Meet the Speakers

Rajat Sharma – Chief Executive Officer

Rajat Sharma is the Co-Founder of Wearecws and its divisions. He has primarily worked in the Information technologies sector for over 10 years specializing in delivering cost effective, innovative solutions to his customers. His background is in Business Technology Management and has specialized in quantitative finance, algorithmic trading and exotic decentralized financial products by trade. His accomplishments include being a recognized value partner for Google Cloud, Gitlab, Fugue and other IT enterprises. His recent success has also made him a thought leader in the Cloud Native space contributing to numerous implementations of Open Source Software in large enterprises as well as having a pivotal role in the delivery of seismic shift left for security and GitOps methodologies in the IT space.

Taylor French – Chief Operations Officer

Taylor is the COO and co-founder of Wearecws. He has been providing design and UI/UX consulting to startups, and has recently been working directly with Web 3.0 technologies for decentralized application development. Moreover, Taylor has a strong background in cloud architecture, with a specialty in designing secure, cloud native infrastructure. He has a Masters Degree in Clinical Neuroscience from McGill University and enjoys helping Fortune 500 companies pinpoint problems and optimize solutions for their DevOps pipelines.


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Aug 18 2022


1:00 pm

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