Students of techNL

Caitlin Bugden

Caitlin Bugden is a Commerce intern with techNL for the Spring 2021 Semester. Caitlin has been working with us since September 2020; first as a Membership Research Coordinator, and then in January 2021 she became techNL’s Digital Marketing and Communications Coordinator. Some cool projects that Caitlin has worked on include:

  • Creating content for the techNL weekly newsletter
  • Implemented and manages the techNL Member Monday Feature
  • Gathered and Analyzed Data from Innovation Week 2020
  • Canva creations for events such as Bell Lets Talk Day, Volunteer Week, Pink Shirt Day, etc.
  • Helps maintain techNL’s website edits on WordPress

Rahaf HajAhmad

Rahaf HajAhmad is a Commerce intern with techNL for the Spring 2021 Semester, and has been working with us since September 2020. Rahaf has been a great asset to the Bounce Innovation team, and has lots of experience in event organization. Some cool projects that Rahaf has worked on include:

  • Lead marketing campaigns through her position as a digital marketing intern, before moving on to become Bounce Health Innovation’s Events and Marketing Coordinator
  • Helped organize several Bounce workshops, networking cafes, and events such as the Health Innovation Summit & Healthy Futures Forum
  • Maintains Bounce website edits

Aaron Andrews

Aaron Andrews is a Computer Engineering intern with techNL for the Winter 2021 semester. Aaron has been with Bounce Innovation this semester, working directly with clients to develop their own applications. Some cool projects that Aaron has worked on this semester include:

  • Working with Bounce Health Innovation’s partner companies to help them overcome the challenges with creating applications
  • Building prototype applications for clients based on their needs and scheduling regular meetings to demonstrate progress
  • Frequent use of Javascript, React Native, React Navigation, and React-Redux to create these applications

Declan Costello

Declan Costello is a Commerce (Social Media and Marketing) intern with techNL for the Winter 2021 Semester. Declan has spent this semester putting his social media skills to work, and creating interesting posts to engage Bounce Innovation’s audience. Some cool projects that Declan has worked on this semester include:

  • Creating online content to showcase events for Bounce Top 10 Moments Promotional Campaign
  • Creating Social Media Posts for Bounce Digital Events
  • Moderated the Hack Frost Panel on behalf of Bounce Innovation
  • Creating content for events such as Bell Let’s Talk Day and International Women’s Day

Jacob Head

Jacob Head is a computer engineering intern with techNL for the Winter 2021 Semester. Jacob has helped techNL’s technical progress with sites such as Growth Zone, and has even trained other techNL staff on how to use WordPress. Some cool projects that Jacob has worked on this semester include:

  • Automated Membership Onboarding (Using Stripe and API Applications)
  • Automated Internship Process (Using Stripe, Zoho, and API Applications)
  • Developed and integrated pages for these processes on the TechNL website. (Using Html, CSS and JavaScript)
  • Cleaned and organized our member database using Excel formulas
  • Integrated our member database into association management software “GrowthZone”