NATI Elects New Board of Directors for 2013-2014

St. John’s NL– NATI held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on May 29th 2013. The AGM provided opportunity for NATI members to receive an overview of the association’s activity in the past year; this included highlights of export programs, a summary of marketing efforts and events, and a review of the association’s financial reports. Members were given opportunity to voice opinion on all of these topics, as well as to present other business for discussion.

Outgoing director Weston Raske (zedIT Solutions) was thanked for his contribution and commitment to NATI at the board level. Raske will not be returning to serve on the NATI Board for the 2013-2014 term. Outgoing directors Geoff Davis (Bell Aliant), Suzanne Kenny (Johnson Inc.) and Mandy Woodland (Cox & Palmer) all ran as candidates for re-election to the Board.

An election of officers took place to fill five vacant positions on the Board of Directors. The NATI membership elected Geoff Davis (Bell Aliant), Suzanne Kenny (Johnson Inc.), Mandy Woodland (Cox & Palmer), Brad Dobbin (ND Dobbin Group), and Chris Dillon (Triware Technologies), to fill these positions. Chair Gerard Duggan (zedIT Solutions) moved to the position of Past Chair, and Vice Chair Chris Spurvey (KPMG) was made Chair of the Board.

Positions will be assumed immediately, and during the next official meeting of the board there will be an election of a Vice Chair who will succeed Chris Spurvey as Chair in 2014.

NATI’s board of directors has members from some of the provinces most prominent technology companies. These directors, led by the Chair of the board, guide the strategic plan of NATI which is committed to effective policy development and advocacy initiatives.

2013-2014 NATI Board of Directors

  • Chair – Chris Spurvey, KPMG
  • Past Chair – Gerard Duggan, zedIT Solutions
  • Director – Geoff Davis, Bell Aliant
  • Director – Suzanne Kenney, Johnson Inc.
  • Director – Terry Hussey, Atlas Management
  • Director – Mandy Woodland, Cox & Palmer
  • Director – June Turpin, Bell
  • Director – Chris Dillon, Triware Technologies
  • Director – Brad Dobbin, ND Dobbin Group

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