NATI Bio-Partnering Forum a Succes

NATI hosted another successful Bio-Partnering Forum on Wednesday October 26th.

The half day event featured an agenda full of speakers from around the world. Presentations were punctuated with networking breaks to provide attendees with opportunity to connect with others in the Bio-Technology sector. These networking opportunities, combined with sessions from speakers whom represent the industry on a global level, made the 2011 Bio-Partnering Forum a huge success!

Mr. Steve Mercer of The Research and Development Corporation (RDC) delivered an information session on RDC and the Life Sciences Sector in the province. Following this, Dr. Shrilakshmi Desiraju of Triphase Pharmaceuticals, India, spoke about future trends for nutraceuticals. An update on Memorial University’s School of Medicine was provided by the school’s dean, Dr. James Rourke. Dr. Pavel Krasutsky, director of the Chemical Extractives program at University of Minnesota – Duluth, delivered information on natural products, and their industrial manufacturing and commercialization. Finally, Dr. Bruno Battistini of Nutraceutical/NDI Medical Food and Drug Product spoke on emerging markets in the natural health sector.

For a copy of any of the presentations delivered at the Forum follow the links below.

Dr. Shrilakshmi Desiraju – Future Trends for Nutraceuticals

Dr. James Rourke – Update from Memorial University’s School of Medicine

Dr. Pavel Krasutsky – Natural Products and Industrial Manufacturing and Commercialization

Dr. Bruno Battistini – Emerging Markets in the Natural Health Sector

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