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About GRi Simulations

GRi Simulations develops simulation software used to train operators and engineers in critical marine tasks. In 1998, GRi released VROV (Virtual Remotely Operated Vehicle) which offered unprecedented complexity and realism in 3D subsea simulation. VROV was immediately used by an international customer base to train novice ROV operators. Shortly following its initial release, user feedback suggested a demand to customize VROV to practice mission-specific tasks. This began a series of developments which enabled users to plan and practice their own subsea procedures in a 3D, interactive simulation that replicated their real-world operating environments. Since then, VROV has kept pace with the growing complexity of real-world operations and mission planning. GRi consistently integrates the software with OEM control systems and navigation tools, allowing engineers to test vehicle designs in a 3D setting and pilots to use the simulator with the ROV controllers used in the field.

The customization of the software has expanded beyond the operational setting to include engineering analysis and design. The iDEA-FDK (Interactive Design, Engineering and Analysis – Field Development Kit) lets users build a 3D version of a subsea oil field using real-world bathymetric data and equipment positions to test design iterations and share visual models across teams. Users can drag and drop 3D models of equipment into the 3D scene and snap them together using intuitive snap points for quick assembly and analysis of a scene. Once a scene is populated, users can switch to simulation mode to fly an ROV through their design, testing for potential clashes and design flaws long before equipment is fabricated.

Today, GRi’s global network of clients include operators, manufacturers, engineers, and training institutions who continue to rely on GRi simulation, visualization, and integrated engineering technologies to help reduce risk in their marine designs and procedures.


GRi Simulations: VROV Simulator at Marine Institute

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