Letter to NATI Members Regarding Provincial Political Leaders’ Responses

06 October 2011

Good morning NATI members,

As we collectively mourn the loss of a true technology innovator, Steve Jobs, I humbly point your attention to the September 16 letter NATI submitted to the three political leaders regarding our province’s policy position statements regarding areas of interest that affect the advanced technology sector of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The questions asked were as follows:

  1. What is your political party’s position on the use of non-renewable resource benefits to help develop longer term socio-economic sustainability through the knowledge based economy?
  2. What is your political party’s position on addressing the need for a cohesive government strategy that addresses an improvement to broadband accessibility throughout the province with a minimum acceptable bandwidth speed?
  3. What is your political party’s strategy to ensure ICT services, where appropriate, are leveraged to the benefit of its stakeholders and in what other areas will technology play a role in effective government?

We thank all three political parties’ for participating and have included each of their responses in this letter.

Unfortunately, the Board is disappointed that in the responses our concerns seem to have been associated back to a long list of past accomplishments or exhibited a lack of understanding of the sector as a whole. It was our hope that our policy position statements would encourage forward thinking that would be accompanied by tangible action items, timeframes to execute and measurable outcomes. This is not the case. It is our opinion that the party’s responses demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding of the issues presented. Our offer to meet with each party prior to responding to our letter was declined by all three. We have some work cut out for us, no doubt.

NATI is committed to fostering stronger relationships with elected officials, providing direction and education on the role that technology products, infrastructure, and services play in shaping Newfoundland and Labrador as a player in a global knowledge based economy. Thought leadership in investing in technology before our nonrenewable oil reserves are depleted is required today. A clear and well defined strategy on our provincial broadband infrastructure is required today. A genuine interest in collaborating and partnering with local technology companies, that goes beyond networking, to deliver more e-government services is required today.

Our next step will be to request a meeting with the newly elected Premier within five business days of the election to formally present our vision and ask for support in building solutions that make sense to you and your organizations. Feedback can be sent to [email protected].

Yours in technology,

Paul Dubé
Chair, NATI

Letter from Liberal Party  [PDF]
Letter from New Democratic Party [PDF]
Letter from Progressive Conservative Party [PDF]

For more information on any of the opportunities listed, please contact: