Internship Program

About the program

One of techNL’s flagship programs, the techNL-ACOA Internship Program is designed to provide work opportunities for Newfoundland and Labrador university and college graduates while supporting the growth of established technology companies. With a call for interest each year, spots are made available in successful applicant companies who then engage a graduate for a period of one year, with funding support through the Internship Program. The program provides hands-on work experience for local graduates and contributes toward strengthening the growth and performance of the province by encouraging the growth of Newfoundland and Labrador-based technology companies.

techNL is pleased to announce a new cohort of the techNL-ACOA Internship Program for 2021-2022

The program will support the hire of 20 recent graduates for work placement in the NL tech sector, allowing them to gain valuable work experience in their field of study.

Participating companies are required to contribute a minimum of 25% ($11,250) of the graduate’s salary and benefits to the minimum per annum salary of $45,000, excluding all mandatory employer-related costs (MERC). The program provides 75% of the intern’s salary to a maximum of $33,750 and support for other approved training activities.

The fee for participating in the program is $1,800 for techNL members and $2,000 for non-techNL members. This fee covers program administration costs and a mandatory group training component.

Participating companies are required to provide an individual training allowance of $3,000 per intern of which techNL will reimburse 75% ($2,250) of the costs.

The selection of participating companies is competitive. Successful applicants will:

  • Commit to making commercialization or export part of their business strategy;
  • Demonstrate they can support the intern with the necessary resources for their career development in their role; and
  • Demonstrate they have the commitment and means to implement on their business strategy.


  • You may apply for more than one position. Approval will be based on availability and application.
  • Preference given to a pure tech company or an organization directly involved in the tech sector.
  • Commercialization includes production/product development, distribution, marketing, sales, customer support, and other key functions critical to achieving the commercial success of the new product or service.
  • MERC is the mandatory employer-related costs, and these costs include Employment Insurance premiums, Canada or Quebec Pension Plan contributions, vacation pay, Workers’ Compensation premiums or equivalent liability insurance (if applicable), health insurance and parental insurance premiums in Quebec and Ontario, the Health and Post-Secondary Education Tax in Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Health and Education Levy in Manitoba.

How to apply

  1. Answer the section below in a separate PDF/Word document:
    1. How participation in the Export Internship Program will benefit your company and position description template. For details +Click here
  2. Complete the online application form and attach the PDF/Word document +Click Here to Apply.


  • The deadline to apply is 8th March 2021.
  • Please login using Google/Gmail after clicking on the link to apply above.
  • Processing time: Two to three weeks.
  • For any questions email [email protected].

Terms and conditions for 2021-22

Term and Conditions for Participating Companies:

Participating firms will:

  1. Engage a recent graduate (graduated within the last 3 years) for a period of 1 year, ending on March 31, 2022, providing them with employment opportunities in their area of study;
  2. Allow interns to apply their learning in a proper and appropriate business environment;
  3. Ensure the intern is available to attend group training with techNL. This training is mandatory for participation in the program;
  4. Pay the program participation fee to techNL ($2,000 non-techNL member/$1,800 techNL member) prior to the Intern’s commencement of employment. This fee includes company contributions for mandatory group training.
  5. Contribute a minimum of 25% ($11,250) of the graduate’s salary and benefits to the minimum per annum salary of $45,000, excluding all mandatory employer-related costs (MERC). The program will contribute up to 75% of the intern’s salary, to a maximum of $33,750;
  6. Use the provided funding only for regular salaried wages. Companies agree that funding cannot be used for vacation or any type of employment termination payouts;
  7. Include export or commercialization as an integral part of their business strategy;
  8. Demonstrate they have the commitment, desire and means to implement a structured commercialization or export strategy;
  9. Submit monthly claims directly to techNL’s Finance Manager for processing, using the reimbursement claim forms provided by techNL;
  10. Notify techNL in a reasonable time frame of any changes to the intern’s position or status of employment with the company;
  11. Ensure the employment contract commences within 60 days of being notified of selection into the Program. Failure to do so may result in withdrawal of the funding at techNL’s discretion;
  12. Provide techNL with a copy of the job ad within 2 weeks of selection into the program. Failure to so do may result in a withdrawal of the funding at techNL’s discretion;
  13. Provide a resume and letter of intent from the intern candidate. The letter should demonstrate the intern candidate’s interest in a career in technology commercialization or export, his/her expectations for the internship training, and how he/she will acquire valuable training and experience in the sponsoring organization;
  14. Submit the required exit survey with the company’s final reimbursement claim; final claims will not be processed until exit surveys have been completed to techNL’s satisfaction, survey template provided by techNL;
  15. Participate in a one on one post project debrief meeting with techNL and/or ACOA;
  16. Submit a detailed work plan for the intern to techNL, see Appendix (will be provided to successful applicants); and
    Provide an individual training allowance of $3,000 per intern of which techNL will reimburse 75% of the costs, see Appendix (will be provided to successful applicants).

By signing and submitting an application to the techNL-ACOA 2021-2022 Internship Program, selected companies agree to abide by the above noted terms and conditions. Failure to meet any of the above noted conditions may nullify this funding agreement.



For more information on any of the opportunities listed, please contact: