IDV Solutions Announces Partnership with Canadian GIS firm Tamarack Geographic Technologies

IDV Solutions, developer of Visual Fusion data visualization software, today announced a partnership with Tamarack Geographic Technologies, a company based in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada that focuses on enterprise geographic information systems (GIS) services and solutions.

Visual Fusion is innovative software that unites data from virtually any source in interactive, web-based visualizations.  Applications created with Visual Fusion promote insight, understanding, and better business decisions.

“IDV is very pleased to partner with Tamarack,” said George Siegle, Marketing Director at IDV Solutions. “Their geospatial expertise and their experience in bringing the benefits of geographic information systems to a variety of organizations, means they are well positioned for success with Visual Fusion. Visual Fusion will provide a competitive edge by accelerating the speed at which they can create valuable solutions for their clients.”

Tamarack recently completed a project for one of Canada’s largest utilities, Newfoundland Power, creating a Visual Fusion application that enables the utility to manage data about its more than 300,000 utility poles. The Newfoundland Power project is the subject of a new Visual Fusion case study, which can be downloaded from the IDV Solutions web site.

“Tamarack looks forward to delivering Visual Fusion solutions to our Eastern Canadian clients,” said Dean Noble, Tamarack’s Director of Business Development. “Visual Fusion adds to our market-leading GIS capabilities by providing another option for us to help our clients solve business problems using spatial information.  We are excited to provide our clients with such a compelling data visualization tool for analysis of their various local and enterprise datasets.”

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