CANARIE’S “Digital Highway” a Critical Enabler Supporting Canada’s Patient-Oriented Research Strategy

Ottawa, Ontario – CANARIE, Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network, will play a critical support role in Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research ( This Strategy, developed by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) in collaboration with provinces and territories, health charities, academic healthcare organizations, and industry representatives, focuses on better integration of research evidence and clinical practice, with a goal of improving health outcomes.

CANARIE operates Canada’s ultra-high speed network, thousands of times faster than the Internet, which enables world-class research and discovery at universities, colleges, research hospitals, government labs and private sector research facilities across the country.

CANARIE enables the rapid sharing of massive research data sets among medical researchers nationwide. The ultra high-speed network can support the transmission of data-intensive research that could not be transmitted over a commercial Internet connection. Last year, 28,833 Terabytes of research data were transmitted over the CANARIE network, more than twenty times the annual residential Internet traffic in Canada.

“The CANARIE network will be an important foundational element of the infrastructure needed to support greater collaboration and sharing of information between clinical researchers in high performance centres across the country,” says Dr. Jean Rouleau, Scientific Director lead for CIHR’s work related to Canada’s Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research. “The speed and capacity of the CANARIE network will accelerate the translation of research results into improved health outcomes.”

“This is another example of how the CANARIE network supports and enables a wide range of government policies and priorities,” says Mark Roman, President and CEO of CANARIE. “Although CANARIE is not well-known among the general public, it is critical digital infrastructure supporting today’s data-intensive science and discovery. It’s as important today to fostering Canadian innovation and growth as railways were a century ago.”

CANARIE supports world-class research at research hospitals and health centres across the country, as well as two key Health Canada research labs: the Centre for Biologics Research in Ottawa and the Public Health Agency of Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg.

The Government of Canada provides CANARIE with successive five-year mandates and funding to achieve its objectives. The current mandate expires in March 2012. For more information on CANARIE’s mandate renewal proposal, visit the renewal section on the CANARIE website at

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