Khalid Hasan

Khalid Hasan

Khalid Hasan

White Rock Consulting & Communications, Business Development Manager


An engineering professional hailing from Bangladesh, Khalid graduated in 2009 with his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. Following the completion of his undergraduate degree, Khalid worked as a quality assurance engineer, electrical engineer, and engineering consultant for a range of companies.

Following these positions, Khalid decided to pursue his education further by enrolling in the Master of Engineering Management program at Memorial University, which he graduated from in 2016.

Drawing from his background in both engineering and business management, Khalid joined White Rock Consulting & Communications as a Business Development Manager, where he brings a wide range of technical and business skills, allowing him to solve problems in unique ways.

Khalid is involved with numerous volunteer groups and non-profit organizations and helped to raise funding for them. He is the former President of Newfoundland and Labrador Brain Injury Association(NLBIA). His friendly nature and upbeat personality allow him to connect with clients to ensure their goals are realized. He is excited to be involved with the NATI board, working closely with industry and government partners to help shape policy and advocate for those issues that matter most to NATI members. He is thrilled to assist with the economic growth of the Tech Sector in Newfoundland & Labrador and be a credible voice.

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