Caron Hawco

Caron Hawco

Caron Hawco

President, Caron Hawco Group


Caron Hawco is a communications and business strategist, negotiator and facilitator.

As President of the Caron Hawco Group, she is a specialist in oil and gas and offers stakeholder management, business development and regulatory insight, coupled with a strong international network, including Norway, Houston, Calgary, Guyana and Atlantic Canada.

For over twenty years, Caron has provided advice to Canada’s East Coast petroleum business, including seven years with Statoil as well as global operators and major suppliers. She is also the former Chair of Newfoundland and Labrador Oil and Gas Industries Association (NOIA).

Current Board of Directors

Dan Brake
Dan Brake Chair
Caron Hawco
Caron Hawco Director
Deirdre Ayre
Deirdre Ayre Director
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Ellissa Hull Director
Joe Hickey
Joe Hickey Director
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